Types of Vanilla

So many choices, what to choose.

There are several different types of vanilla available.  Each type of vanilla comes from a different area of the world.

Madagascar Vanilla

Madagascar Vanilla Extract is produced in the Indian Ocean area of the world on the islands of Madagascar, Comoros and Réunion. This is the most common type of gourmet vanilla.

Mexican Vanilla

Mexico, the origin of all vanilla, has a long history of vanilla production.  Mexican Vanilla Extract is rich and auromatic.

Tahitian Vanilla

This vanilla comes from French Polynesia. While not produced in large quantities like vanilla from Madagascar, Tahitian vanilla is still excellent quality and flavor.

French Vanilla

This isn't actually a type of vanilla, but is commonly confused for one.  French vanilla is actually a type and style of flavoring used in custards and other items.

Imitation Vanilla

We don't speak of fake vanillas on this site!  Get something of quality for cooking with.  :)